Type 3 1964

Bosch Number
VW Number
341 905 205
Bosch Replacement
0231 150 001
0231 150 010
VW Replacement
341 905 205
311 905 205R
01 002
02 006
04 006
03 002 (NLA)
00 001 (Blue Coil 00 016)
Ignition Wires
09 003
Vacuum Can
1237 121 179 (NLA)
Spark Plug
Timing Set At
Static Timing: If Pulley has two notches, it is set at the right notch which is 10 Degrees Before Top Dead Center (BTDC). If the pulley has three notches, it is set at the right notch which is 12.5 Degrees BTDC.
Advance/Retard Range
Vacuum: 8-11 deg Adv (approximate). Centrifigual: 15-21deg @ 4200rpm

(Note: Models timed at 12.5 BTDC usually required high octane gasoline)

Distributor notes: This was a unique distributor installed on the "S" Models in 1964. At first glance it looks like a Beetle 36hp "cast-iron" distributor with a push-on (not screw-on) vacuum advance unit (and it does use the 36hp points). In addition the centrifigual advance was a dual weight model, while most other VW models using centrifigual advance used single weights. Dual weights do allow for better power through all acceleration modes and it's a shame VW didn't continue it. Having owned a 64 Notchback 1500S, I was impressed at the response of this distributor throughout the powerband even when I upgraded to a fresh 1600 engine. Even though used only one year and some parts like the cap and vacuum can are hard to find, I whole heartily recommend this distributor for any carburetted Type 3 application, whether for sport or every day driving use.