Beetle (Puebla, Mexico) With Points Distributor

01 011
02 054 (German model used 02 074)
04 033
Dust Cover
039-905-241, Bosch 1230 500 139 > 1230 500 147
03 010
Distributor Cap Clip
034-905-265, Bosch 1231 251 033
Parts Kit (Shims, Washers & Hardware)
059-998-211, Bosch 1237 010 007
00 015 (Blue Coil: 00 012)
Ignition Wires
09 001
Vacuum Can
07 059
Spark Plug
Timing Set At
7.5deg BTDC @ 800-950rpm w/strobe and w/single vacuum hose disconnected and plugged
Advance/Retard Range
Vacuum: 8-12deg Adv; Centrifugal: 8deg @ 1300rpm, 10deg @ 1600rpm, 15deg @ 2500rpm, 20deg @ 3000rpm, 21deg @ 3500 to 4000rpm

Notes: This is the Mexican manufactured version of the original 043 905 205 Distributor, originally used on 1974 Federal Manual Transmission Beetles. This was used on Mexican production Beetles early on before they switched to Electronic Ignition (year periods are unknown, but I believe it was sometime in the 80s). This distributor comes with a Single Vacuum Can is essentially a carbon copy of the original German made model. It uses all of the same components of the original German Distributor except the Condensor as noted below. Timing specs are the same as well and have not changed.

This is THE Distributor to use on your stock engine w/Solex 30PICT-3, H30/31PICT Series or 34PICT Series carbureted 1600 Beetle thru 1974 (75-79 w/Carb) & Type 2 1600 thru 1971. It is NOT recommended for use with the 30PICT-1 or 30PICT-2 because the vacuum signal is incorrect for the vacuum assist to work properly. This Distributor is essentially a "009" with a Vacuum Advance Assist to help prevent hesitation in all of those Stop-n-Go situations in city traffic. The Mechanical Advance takes over out on the highway to provide the most excellent Advance Curve in all sorts of engine loads. If you're running an original Dual-Vacuum Distributor on your Beetle 71-74/Type 2 1971 application(s), you will need to cap off the "Retard" Vacuum Port located on the rear of the Carburetor. Available new from a number of VW Parts Suppliers.

This distributor is similar to but should not to be confused with the "Bruck Germany" Distributor being sold by a number of outfits. In actuality, this is a Chinese knock-off of the Bosch Mexican "034" and the reliability of this distributor has not yet proven itself IMHO. Let the buyer and user beware!

Note: The Advance ranges shown are courtesy of Richard Atwell who performed a test of this distributor's capabilities on a Sun Distributor testing machine. You can view the appropriate advance graph images at the following links (click on them): Vacuum Advance, or Centrifigual (Mechanical)